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Howard Barker Poems

Julia Tarnoky reads a
selection of poems
written by Howard Barker
over the last 12 years.

The screens below may
take a while to load.
Please be patient

Sheer Detachment

A Girl Salvaged

In Bowls Or Stains

A Gigolo Shot

Few Sleeps

Garden of Lux

The Carrying

A Friend (Quits)

Rising Of War Dead


Jutland, The Dead

White Castle

1519 Edition


Cinematography, sound and editing by Christina Ruloff, James D. Edge and Weilin Wang

With thanks to the National Theatre Sound Department for hosting the day’s filming
and the staff of The London Film School.

Julia Tarnoky joined The Wrestling School for Ursula in 1998. She has subsequently played a wide range of roles, including Supporta in Scenes From An Execution, Lindsay in a House Of Correction and Knox in Found In The Ground.

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Howard Barker's most recent plays are published by Oberon Books
+44 20 7607 3637