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Hated Nightfall   1994

Seventy years after the murder in 1918 of the Russian Imperial Family at the hands of the Bolsheviks, their remains were offcially discovered in the woods near Ekaterinburg. Alongside them lay two additional unidentified human bodies...

Hated NightfallTaking this as a starting point, Hated Nightfall is Howard Barkerís bold speculation on one of historyís greatest secrets; an imaginative recreation of the last hours of the Romanoffs, a doomed family caught in the chaos of civil war. Trapped in the hands of its enemies, a Royal Family, argues and barters for its life, but with a man who appears to be both saint and sadist. Dancer, the former tutor of the Royal children, is now an agent of the revolution invited by Lenin himself to oversee the execution, but compelled by an elusive mission of his own. Hated Nightfall contains classic Barker themes; a lyrical, passionate study of innocence, sexuality and sophistication in the midst of turmoil. 

The Doorman of our Century. Me. Great moments of human endeavour stimulate a sort of poetry ... the mundane minds of lawyers are shaken from the attics to the basement... earthquakes of phraseology... the sudden discovery of THE STYLE OF ROME... He was - you could feel it through the crackling of the telephone, through snow and hail and regiments of rocket launchers, saboteurs, air raids, you name it, it was conspiring to spoil the moment but he was not thrown, he knew this message called for the poise and ponderous delivery of never-to-be-forgotten syllables, a compromise between electrification and the oratorial manner of the late republic, Cato, Mirabeau, oh the competition, but he persevered, and it was excellent in many ways, I don't criticise, YES HE SAYS...         Dancer     Act 1 Hated Nightfall 1994
"complex, eloquent, highly theatrical.... astonishing..."
The Guardian