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1660. Britains brief experiment with republicanism ends and the monachy is restored.

Victory As Charles II returns to the now powerless throne, the wife of one of the former republican leaders sets out to recover the pieces of her husband's body which has been dug up and exhibited on the orders of the new king.

Written a few years after Thatcher's ascedancey, Barker's blistering analysis of a failed regime interweaves the national political with the intensely personal to study the life shattering effects of fundamental change.

CHARLES: Oh Billy don't remember who lipped him. Any you were all peas in the pod of the Republic! Oh look at his one eye, the single eyeball does look sad to be rejected, his one eye that says long cold nights of serious thought. Scaring ain't it. The man who thinks us to death!. Show Ralf!

UNDY: (Gwynn moves the skull near him) 'ullo, Dick, 'ow are yer?

CHARLES: Oh, now wit! Ralf's mordant wit! Look him in the eye, Ralph, the eye please, fix it...

UNDY: (to the skull) Been having late nights again old son.

CHARLES: No, Look at him.

UNDY: I am looking at him.

CHARLES: I hear he never slept

UNDY: Well you can see that.

CHARLES: But worked all nights.

UNDY: So they tell me.

CHARLES: Planning new commonwealths.

UNDY: Very likely...

CHARLES: Ever more common. Ever less wealthy.

UNDY: He 'ad some funny ideas....

CHARLES: Writing constitutions in the starry night, while moths struck the window....

UNDY: Quite...

CHARLES: While rain lashed, plotted the extinction of private property....

UNDY: Wouldn't put it past 'im.

CHARLES: Plotted the extinction of you Ralf!

Victory 1991
"A brilliant production... the performances are compelling....the evening is a triumph."
Time Out